FY Three's Company!

FY Three's Company
Kick off your shoes, be careful not to trip over the stair, relax on the couch, and enjoy. Just don't forget to pay the rent. And your mother is going to be in town next week, so...Jack...can you pretend to be my husband? Kthnx.

"It didn't set out to change the world; it just made us laugh and that is why we love it." Lucille Ball

Anonymous : Hello you glorious ray of sunshine. Your blog makes me really happy. You bring happiness into my mundane life with your Three's Company blog. I saw that you're not doing so hot :/ I wish I could bring joy into your life like you do to mine. wishing you a beautiful forever.

Thanks for the really sweet message, kid. :) Same to you.

seraphinauniverse : I hate the way the producers just shrugged off Teri and especially Janet in the finale. Janet was the most important woman in Jack's life because she was the only one who was there through all of those years. Even though Jack (unfortunately) wasn't Janet's groom, Jack should have been giving Janet his all on her wedding day instead of worrying about Vicky. I think that's the big reason I don't like her.

livefromtexas : I don't even think I've seen the finale... I mostly watched Three's Company through reruns and I have a couple seasons on DVD but not the last one. I didn't even know about the 1 season spin off. That's kinda tacky to end a show with HEY THIS ONE'S OVER BUT WE GOT MORE STUFF COMING UP! Like jeez so rude.

twistintheplot : Clearly not a huge fan of it, Janet and Terri hardly had any air time. Vicky and Phillip's existence/purpose weren't appreciated. And the last scene should have been the trio leaving the apartment for the last time, not that thing with Jack and Vicky in bed, even if the finale was obviously a transition to three's a crowd. A not cool ending for a cool show.

Feel free to submit your feelings about the Three’s Company finale in the FYTC ask box. Maybe you have real memories of the original airing! Maybe you liked it! Maybe it made you want to light your hair on fire! Don’t be shy!

unknown--subject : I'm confused about Beau Bridges thing.

I was waiting for this ask!

John Ritter used to joke on set that if he ever left or got fired he could just be replaced by look-alike actor Beau Bridges. I always thought it was hilarious. He’d say, “Just get Beau Bridges!”


Cover up the eyebrows and you can see it.