FY Three's Company!

FY Three's Company
Kick off your shoes, be careful not to trip over the stair, relax on the couch, and enjoy. Just don't forget to pay the rent. And your mother is going to be in town next week, so...Jack...can you pretend to be my husband? Kthnx.

"It didn't set out to change the world; it just made us laugh and that is why we love it." Lucille Ball

Anonymous : Can you make a meme of Chrissy's outfits? She had the best style!

I highly suggest you pay a visit to http://wearwhatyouwatch.com/ 

They take requests all the time and do a much better job than I could. In fact, they already have one for Chrissy and Janet but I’m sure they’d be willing to do more. I only did Furley’s because of the stupid meme that was going around lol and it took me forever to find something just right. Hope that helps!

atgackt : what Tv show or movie does Jack and Janet meet up years later? would you post more info on your last gif please. thank you. your tumblr is awesome

It’s something I put together from two separate movies. Alas, they never really meet up. At least not onscreen anyway. 

The part of the gif with Joyce is fro mthe 1995 movie “Spring Fling” and the part of the gif with John is from the 1998 movie “Chance of a Lifetime.” 

Anonymous : When are you going to post my request from the episode "Oh, Nun" ?

Never if you don’t hold your horses.

Anonymous : Who do you like best? Chrissy, Cindy or Terri?

Depends on my mood. I like them all for different reasons.